Monday, August 17

New Blog

It's time for a revamp and time to get a better system of updates.
The Campaign for Better Politics is going to change over the weekend with more news and comment and better interactivity.
This old design is erm, old, and in dire need of change.
In the meantime, please keep me posted with malpractice in politics and I will highlight it to all!
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Saturday, June 27

US Eyeopener

Apologies for my lack of blogging recently but I have been away to the USA where I must admit shock in finding much anti-Obama feeling.
With the big 'O' wanting to create a fairer healthcare system there will be a cost to the taxpayer which is bringing much fear.
Unlike their British cousins, the Americans have long-shunned a free-for-all at the point of service NHS (though I admit the British system is not totally free).
One family man was at pains to "Obama-bash" angry at such an idea while another was fuming at the Obama's administration having more of a say in Government donations.
But I was amazed at such pessimism when the administration is trying to change a system so badly neglected and rotten under Bush.
It is time for Americans to get behind Obama and his plans.

Wednesday, June 3

End of Brown 2

Michael Fabricant's Facebook status is intriguing:
"I was told by a prominent back-bench Labour MP immediately after Prime Minister's Questions: "Gordon will be gone this time next week". I think a Labour groundswell is growing. Unlike Tony Blair, Brown is neither believed nor liked."
Let me know who this was!

End of Brown?

SO Hazel Blears and Jacqui Smith have got the hint and left.
But by leaving days before a reshuffle and potential massacre at the elections, this leaves Brown completely open for criticism.
With the expenses row still raging and anger over British politics, will the ultimate fall guy be the Prime Minister?
The Guardian has finally come out and made noises about it.
But from what I hear, Brown could be out this time next week with Alan Johnson waiting in the wings.

Monday, May 4

Next Prime Minister?

WITH Harriet Harman throwing her hat in the ring (or not?), it 's time to check out the latest odds for who will take over Gordon Brown as Labour Party leader?
The odds are (thanks to Paddy Power):

Harriet Harman 3/1
Alan Johnson 6/1
David Miliband 7/1
Jack Straw 8/1
James Purnell 8/1
Jon Cruddas 8/1
E Miliband 10/1
Ed Balls 14/1
Hilary Benn 16/1
Douglas Alexander 20/1
John Denham 25/1
John Hutton 25/1
A Burnham 25/1
Alan Milburn 33/1
Yvette Cooper 40/1
Jacqui Smith 66/1
Charles Clarke 66/1
C Flint 66/1
Liam Byrne 66/1
John McDonnell 66/1
Dianne Abbot 80/1
Hazel Blears 80/1
Tony Blair 100/1

Sunday, April 19

Ed Balls' 'Balls-Up'

BALLS is back in the news for the wrong reasons!
And it just so happens I am supposed to be meeting the Schools Secretary already under fire for the Sats exams and expenses this week. Tweet me @betterpolitics with your questions.
Now it seems he has been slagging off his colleagues behind their backs as part of a bid to become party leader. For more see here: And poor Mandy might have been in the firing line.
He, of course, denies it and Tessa Jowell has been wheeled out to back him up. But surely this is just another balls-up for a hapless minister.
Maybe it's time for him to say goodbye.
*By the way, what the hell is Richard Branson doing?

Thursday, April 9

The Dawn Bin Raiders - What a Waste of Resources

IMAGINE being woken up at half-five in the morning by strange men sifting through your wheelie bin before gathering all of your rubbish and pouring it into a white van.
You are likely to feel slightly afraid wondering what the hell is going on! You might even call the police for fear you are being robbed!
But this scenario is being played out in Lancashire where the county council is sending out agency workers in the early hours of the morning to look through people's bins! It recently happened in a surburban part of Chorley where one woman said she was about to call the police and another man approached them to ask why they were snooping at such a ridiculous time.
Why? Apparently, to find out what we are throwing away as it helps them launch campaigns to minimise the wrong things going to landfill! And the county council say they are justified in doing this.
An article is set to go into a local newspaper about this scandalous activity which one councillor thought was a wind-up! And so did I when I first heard of it.
Not only that, it costs £30,000 of taxpayers' money per "waste audit" and a team of up to nine people are needed for this. They sign confidentiality agreements apparently so we can all be safe they won't be nicking our identities any time soon with the information they find!!! I'm not convinced.
In this era of constant privacy breaches, this really takes the biscuit and I urge anyone who reads this to write to the county council to vent their frustrations!
I will post the news article here when it finally goes up online.